I’m Track, and this is a first look at the Spyra 2 water gun, a new and improved version of the Spyra 1. In other words, it’s a better version of the best water blaster we’ve seen in decades. The Spyra 2 is a lithium battery-powered, semi-automatic electronic blaster. There’s a code here for a quick video that shows the charging and button system, how to refill the blaster, how to fire it, and how to use a power shot. If you have over 25% of your power, you can use a power shot. There are a few members of what I can only assume are the Spyra team over in Germany, and it says “Join the team now” down here. I want to give a huge shoutout to the guys at Spyra for sending this over early so I could have it in time for this trip to East Sister Rock Island. It’s been an incredible time here and we filmed a really cool video that we’ll be launching in a couple of days. But in the meantime, I want to talk to you about the Spyra 2. This is my second time unboxing it, and I’ve already done a lot of playing with it during golden hour. You can see that there are a few notable improvements over the Spiral 1. Firstly, there are ergonomic and aesthetic upgrades. The foregrip is now clear and more defined. The distribution is still quite good, with a rubberized pad on the back where it shoulders up nicely. The optic is a single sight built into the front. I think it’s a very handsome, clean design with nice molding and changes in texture from smooth to rough.

I’ve reviewed the Spyra 2 on my YouTube channel and there are a few things I want to point out about it. The Spyra team didn’t design it to work the way I use it in my videos, but I’m glad it does. One of the improvements in the Spyra 2 is the battery life and the readouts on the device. There are gauges for the battery and the overall water fill, as well as a rubber cover over the USB-C charging port. Another improvement is that the Spyra 2 has a filter at the bottom to allow it to handle dirty water a little better. However, it’s still important to only use clean water with the device and to run clean water through it after using it in dirty water. The Spyra 2 drains water quickly, which can be useful on dry land, but the overall performance is still good.

I said earlier that the power charge on the Spyra 2 happens like this: you hold the trigger down and it loads up a power shot. When you’ve got the power shot charged, it has real recoil and an extra bit of range, which is a really cool improvement to a system that was already the best. In my opinion, this really speaks to the company culture of Spyra, where they’re constantly looking to make their products better just because they can. I’m going to demonstrate this in the pool because the water is much cleaner than the ocean. It’s also worth noting that while the Spyra 2 was never designed to be submersible, it does an excellent job of that.

Regarding the rate of fire, if we walk over to the helipad, you’ll see that pulling rapid fire shots gives you one shot, then two, then three, but the fourth shot really slows down and takes a second. I believe this is because the guts of the gun are using a solenoid, though I’m not certain. Overall, the Spyra 2 has a faster rate of fire than the original Spyra.

I’m excited for the Spyra 3 because it has everything I like about the original Spyra: good molding, clean lines, and high performance. The proprietary water bullet technology is really cool and it’s not a water BB, but rather a shot of water as opposed to a stream like modern super soakers produce. If you’re within 15 feet of your target, they’ll definitely feel the force of the Spyra 2 and know that they’ve been hit. At longer ranges, the force drops off and becomes more like a mist.

I’ve noticed that they’ve been hit by something that’s not quite a CPS but certainly not a traditional super soaker. My favorite thing about this is that especially with the Spyro 2 being fully sealed like this, I can go fully submerged and while I’m down there, I can reload as well. So, depending on what kind of water battles I have, it’s actually a nice feature that I can duck under the water, avoid a few blasts, reload, recharge, and be ready to go duck hunting. We still need a name for the duck in this pool if you guys have suggestions. The powershot feature is legitimately probably my favorite feature, but the overall performance of the product can’t be beat. Now, it is definitely more expensive than any other water blaster type product on the market, but it’s also completely unlike any other water blaster product on the market. In addition to being designed and imported from Germany, it’s just a very high quality product in a world where a lot of these things are barely designed to survive the summer you purchase them for. I’ve had my Spyro 1 for a while now and I’ve taken it through multiple battles. Easer has thrown his off cliffs and his is still going very strong. I imagine the Spyra 2 with its better waterproofing technology and its intake vent is just going to be an overall better product in terms of its longevity and fun. The only thing I have to say about the price is that if you’re a huge blaster enthusiast like me, given that there’s just nothing else of this quality or caliber, I would rather have one of these than 10 other things. So, it’s definitely worth it for me personally. Again, I do want to point out for full disclosure that I bought my first set of Spyro ones on Kickstarter with a buddy of mine. We actually got multiple sets and then these were sent to me, the Spyra 2 set, for the purposes of making this content in this video. A huge thank you to them. I still would purchase another set, especially because that is not only the best way to get it in a cost-effective way, the price goes down the more units you buy.

I bought the Spyra one at one time, but I’ve also had lots of four or five Spyra battles on the island while I’ve been here. It has been an absolute blast. I cannot imagine if I was left out, that would be very very sad because if you’re having a soaker battle, nothing else compares. At the end of the day, you’re either using a Spyra one or you’re wishing you were using a Spyra one. There’s really nothing else quite like it in terms of its overall accuracy and power. It’s just a really really cool blaster product right now on the market, especially as we start heating up and the pandemic starts winding down and we get to start enjoying time outside with our friends. If you’re a big fan of soaker battles, I think this is one well worth checking out, and the Spyra 2 is just the upgrade to give you an edge over everyone who’s already got one. That’s pretty much it. It’s definitely a premium product for the people who really care about their water blasting. I can’t imagine going back to a world without one at this point. It’s definitely my primary for any blaster battles to come, and it’s the only one on shelves with recoil. So, for sure, definitely a really cool one to check out. I highly recommend it. Oh man, look at that off into the sunset pelican buddy. I highly recommend checking out the link down in the description box below. Check out Spyra’s website, check out some of their media and information on the blaster. Definitely don’t abuse them quite as hard as Aaron and I do, but all I can do is give you my personal recommendation that they will hold up to that abuse. A really really cool product, links in the description box down below. I would love it. Definitely don’t forget to throw me a like, subscribe to the channel, and check out our teardown of one of these coming soon. I can’t wait to find out what makes them tick explicitly, and hopefully we get to make more content with them in the future. It’s just a really exciting company doing really exciting things. There aren’t a lot of innovators in the water blaster space right now, and it’s very cool that these guys are beating their own high score. Awesome awesome stuff, guys.

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