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A water gun is a type of toy that squirts water. It usually consists of a pump connected to a reservoir, which is pressurized by the user via a trigger mechanism to release a stream or spray of water through nozzle(s) at the front end. An enjoyable way to beat the summertime blues is with water pistols. These toys get children active and creative, while using only a small amount of drinking water.

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Why you love our Water Gun

  • Storage tanks are being upgraded to pump a high-pressure water stream for longer distances and are no longer subject to leaks. Even if your squirt water gun is broken, these new models have improved pumps with competitive rates.
  • Shoot up to 32 feet! Just add clean water, pull the pump trigger, press it, and shoot easily! Perfect summer water fight and family fun toys. Do Not Aim at Eyes or Face!
  • Full of a variety of interesting and future technologies. With a sleek design inspired by classic movies and video games, children will enjoy playing all kinds of roles. Inside is a fully water proof design that can be used for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • Start your day off with a fun Super squirt in the yard, pool, beach, or with friends and family at a water activity. They happen to be perfect for playing with water balloons and other swimming pool toys. A must for training your pet without hurting them.
  • With a great price, this squirt gun lasts through many play sessions and is just perfect for summertime fun. This squirt gun is perfect for birthday parties or other celebrations, housewarming presents, or impulse gifts.
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Happy Customers

rv1 - Water Gun


The details are in place and there are no flaws, which is perfect

rv2 - Water Gun


Received carefully packed without the packaging being torn. No broken parts obviously. Correct quality. Received quickly. Son loves it

rv3 - Water Gun


This is a cool thing to have on a hot day, plus it shots far. Fast delivery too!

rv4 - Water Gun


Awesome improved water gun design, with its automatic filling option as soon as the nose enters the water. Very fast delivery



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